Sunday 31 May 2009

Beyond the success

I often have post in the past to write in admiration of my favorite sportsperson in the whole wide world, Rafa Nadal. Today, its is a bit different, he was defeated for the first time at the French Open, the same Grand Slam that he has won four years in a row.
However, the reason why I am so fond of him is not because he is extraordinary at playing tennis -my favorite sport- nor because he is from Mallorca -where I grew up-, it is undoubtedly because of his attitude in victory and more importantly in defeat.. The respect and admiration that he professes to his arch rival Federer is truly exemplary. To illustrate this point is the fact that he said that he hopes Federer wins this years French Open.
Whether this is the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning of Nadal, nobody knows. But for me the true lesson of this guy is his attitude which is beyond the success he has had in the past or may have in the future.
Vamos Rafa!

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