Monday 1 June 2009

Hever Castle

Still hurting a bit about yesterday's defeat, but I am so glad it happened. I know it's weird, but after reading what Rafa said in his after the game, I even admire him more!!!!
And, I guess now I know how not to care too much about sports!

Anyway, no card or scrapbooking layout today to share, but this photo of Hever Castle in Kent that I took in May when we visited it with Omar's brother and fiance. By the way, it was just outside the castle that I took the engagement photos that were feautered in the Slice mini album (also shown on QVC). Hever Castle is where Anne Boleyn grew up and as beautiful as might have been then, it was made even lovelier in the early twentieth century by the Astor family who added incredibly amazing Italian Gardens. So if you ever are in the area, go there.

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Vince B said...

Hever Castle is my favourite place on the planet, I've visited there many times and am always enchanted by it's beauty.
"The village" built on the back of the castle are all interconnecting Tudor "houses" and can be rented for functions and the italian gardens are breath taking aren't they!?
Vince X

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