Friday 12 June 2009

Missing the boys

This weekend I am up North (Lancashire) as I will be teaching at Dawn Bibby's retreat. Fun!
But I will be missing my two boys, no, I haven't got another cat nor Omar has morphed into a cat -although he behaves like one sometimes-. My two boys are Omar and Wasabi, but recently Wasabi has got a new friend with whom he plays and sits in the sun.I guess is a neighbours cat but since we don't know his name we call him Nigiri, which is also a japanese name.
We are still thinking of getting a second cat, I would love a kitten, but we never get round to look for one. But one of these days we will get round to it!


Momiji said...

lovely photo of pure relaxation! love the japanese name..

Katty Bell said...

Oh, how sweet! We have two feline girls, we went for one and came back with two!

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