Thursday 25 June 2009

Stamping just for fun

One of my favorite card makers, Jennifer McGuire is doing a series of video tutorials, Thinking Inking, on Ranger inks and stamping and invited everyone to participate. I have been watching the tutorials and been very inspired to have a proper play with the inks and some beautiful stamps.

Last week I got a load of Penny Black stamps. I love them, in my opinion, they are some of the best traditional rubber stamps out there. I love their images. And they have stamps to suit every taste! So I decided to use some of them for the Thinking Inking.

For this card, I use the japanese maple 3932K and allegro 30-033.

By the way, yesterday early afternoon I had the delivery of the iPhone. It's so cool! And sending sms is so easy. I used to hate sms and since I had so many minutes included used to by default call rather than sms. But I think that is going to change now!

1 comment:

Momiji said...

love it.. all the shading etc..very inspiring ..and just love that stamp

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