Wednesday 10 June 2009

The O2

I have never been a fan of massive concerts or big shows. It's simply something that I didn't do growing up, provably due to the fact that I enjoy more classical or folk music. But since the O2 has been in full swing my dh has got us a few free tickets and since they are free, well, why not go?
Yesterday we went to see Beyonce. That was a show. there is only a few songs that I actually liked/enjoyed but as a show was really good. And for all the fans of George Michael was extra especial as he came on stage when Beyonce was singing "If I were a boy" and they sang it together.
(I know the photo is not very good, but you can just see that both of them are on stage in the screen on the right hand side.)
The only down side was the tube strike. Silly me I forgot to remind Omar to take with him in the morning my motorbike gear because I couldn't bring it with me -they weight a ton. Usually I can take the tube and get the train back, but our group had hired a bus to get us to the train station due to the tube strike. But so had everyone else at the O2, it took us over an hour to get out of the car park! I missed the last train from Waterloo, and by that time, 1:30 am, I did not fancy walking alone in the empty streets of London so I had to take a black cab home. It did cost me, but then we didn't pay for the tickets and dinner was also included.

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