Sunday 5 July 2009

Congratulations Roger!

Don't worry, I do not change affections that easily. I still love Nadal a thousand times or more than I like Federer, but you have got to admit it that Roger Federer is the greatest tennis player ever. Like many other Nadal's fans and probably even Rafa himself, I have always known that Federer is a far better player, even Nadal's coach and uncle thinks so! But that is precisly why I like Rafa. Even though he has been so unlucky to coincide in time with the greates of all time, he still has battled it out to be nº1 during Federer's time and won playing against him in Grand Slams finals in every surface.

People usually find supreme excellence inspiring. Don't take me wrong, I do too, however I find more inspiring when achivements don't come so effortlessly. Most people are never the best at something, not everyone is born being excellent at something. And to only admire people who are so obviously superior sometimes is depressing. I should know, as I had some difficulty to assimilate that growing up. I wanted so badly to be the best at something, that I didn't realize that the most important thing is not to be the best at something, but be the best you can ever be. Sure, provably there will be better people still around, but who cares when you can say: I try my best, little by little, others may do it better, but I do the best I can!

That is what I adore in Rafa, he may never match Federer's amazing effortless-looking tennis, but that hasn't stop him, he just keeps pursuing to be the best player he can ever be. I just hope that Rafa will keep inspiring us with his game and more importantly attitude.

Anyway, well done Federer! and also Roddick who kept fighting till the end!

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