Friday 24 July 2009


I do consider myself fortunate, not necessarily lucky. As I understand it -totally my interpretation-, lucky people get what they want quite easily, whether fortunate people get what they need. For instance, a lucky person will pass the driving test at first try, a fortunate may have to retake once it but those extra hours will mean that they will drive better and therefore will less likely have accidents on their driving first months. Provably statistics will show that my theory is completely false, but who cares? It makes me happier with my fortunate-not-lucky status.

My sister, in the other hand, is one of the luckiest persons I have ever met. Yes, she does work incredibly hard, but luck is on her side. Her birthday is next month, and although she did forbid me to share photos of her in the internet, I am sharing this layout I did a couple of months ago.

By the way, Tomorrow and Sunday I will be demonstrating at Crafts u love for their big demo weekend. Loads of other demonstrators will be there as well. Come along to be inspired!

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