Wednesday 2 December 2009


Sometimes i misread things, and sometimes when it involves an article commission misreading a brief is a bad thing. This card is a product of a misread.
I read the brief as in card using a metal embossing stencil, when it actually stated that the it had to be a metal embossed card.
I decided to have I did emboss the pattern on vellum and then I turned it over and colour it from the de-bossed or engraved side using watersoluble pencils and transparent glitter.
The end result it's quite masculine, but for even a more masculine look, I would not put glitter nor pearls.


Lucretia said...

I'm a big tree fan and love the colours here.

Vince B said...

Even with the glitter and pearls it's still a very masculine card, maybe not the glitter but the pearls really add some bling.
Vince X

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