Monday 7 December 2009

i am fine

My account of email has been hijacked so it's not spam what you have gotten, I can not access the account and reply any concerned emails.
As I am on holiday I can't solve the situation. I am trying to post this through another method, maybe will even work. As Omar was saying, if you want to sent me money, by all means do, money is always greatly appreciated, but I haven't been mugged or anything like that, so there is no need. And Certainly do NOT send anything to the address or bank that is mentioned in the email.
As soon as I get back home will try to sort it all out!

1 comment:

AuroraDawn said...

Paula, it's a virus of sorts you need to run some anti virus software - if you are unsure give me a call - my husband can talk you through it - LOL

You don't need to change you email address.


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