Friday 15 January 2010

A few thoughts

Some may think that I am pushing the Letterpress tool because it benefits in some way. Well, it does not. I do not work for Quickutz -the manufacturer-, nor DOcrafts -the UK distributor- nor QVC -the retailer.

I do, however, work for Dawn Bibby on a freelance basis, assisting her behind the scenes at QVC and teaching and demonstrating at her shop. Since she knew of my love for all thing Die cutting related and Letterpress effect, she suggested for me to have a go with the tool and check it out. I did, loved it so much, and raved so much about it to dawn that she suggested I go on air with it. And I did, for the first time ever I demonstrated on live TV. It may seem easy to do, well let me tell you, it is not, no matter how much prep work you have done, how many successful demonstrations you have done before, live TV is a completely different thing.

I am not saying I did not enjoy it, because I did. It is fun, it is exciting, its many things and certainly, easy is not. My respect for what Dawn does week in week out, craft days and TSV days has grown immeasurably since I started to work alongside her on QVC, even more so after I did those demos.

I am not sure if it is because I am a bit of a perfectionist, I am always left that I could have done so much better, that i could have done this and that, basically improved my demo. However, I do realized I could have explained things better, had gone into more detail on how the Letterpress tool from Quickutz works on air. Well, I can only say I will try to improve with time.

However, there are certain critiques of the tool that are objective -cracking plates- and some others that are not, but overall, even with some faults, is a great addition to the crafting world.
The cleaning issue is still a big one for most crafters. Personally I have settled for cleaning the printing plates and roller with UNDU or Herma's Label off -remove liquid with a regular baby wipe-, and the inking block and my hands with olive oil, top tip from Sharon Betts.

Like any elaborate craft product, it does require certain level of commitment, i.e. is not like a paper punch that just works effortlessly from day one. Niche product? Maybe, but not more so than the Bind it all, or the Melt pot -all machines I adore, but I do understand they are not for every single crafter out there.


Rustyhammer said...

Oh my! What a suprise to see my name on your blog! I've just put a link in my blog to yours, as you have so much info on the letterpress, and I was only putting up a few very simple cards I made with the LP. Can't remember where I saw the thing about olive oil, but I have to admit it did not come from me originally. Sharon

D said...

You came across really well on TV, and did a great job! Hope to se you on air again at some point.

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