Sunday 10 January 2010


Have I told you before that I love weddings? I mean really love them? I honestly spend hours and hours looking at wedding sites, wether they are inspiration for brides, photographers blogs or videographers showcase. It does not matter, I love that they are about weddings. There is something so magical, so beautiful about them that nothing else can equal. Sometimes I wish I could get married again -to the same man of course- even though we have got married already four times -very very long story- but only one was what we call a proper wedding with reception and everything.

So you can imagine how excited I am about my brother in laws wedding in a few weeks time.
I though I would share a couple of those websites that I love so much, but I wont put any photographers one as it is a very very long list!

Wedding Chicks

Ruffled Blog

Joe Simon - videographer

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Susan said...

I am like you - wish I could keep getting married (to the same man of course!).
I think it is because each year there are so many new trends, just like in crafting, it makes me think "We should have had that". When I got married the internet was still very new so I couldn't browse for things like brides can now.

A site I like to look at is Polka Dot Bride
It's mostly Australian weddings but the author also does a colour combination section that I enjoy. She lists one main colour and then others that will co-ordinate with it, good ideas for cardmaking there!

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