Wednesday 24 February 2010


After stitches and craft day over at Qvc I am beyond eshausted. But I
am so happy how both have turned up. My stamp set sold out in a couple
of minutes, didn't really have a chance to talk about them in detail
or demonstrate them. I am planing some more posts in here so I can
feature several of their uses. By the way, the stamps will hit the
shops at the end of march, so if you missed out on them you may be
able to see them in a shop near you.
Going back to stitches, you know the craft trade show, it was so much
fun. I really enjoy working there at the kars stand, and this was the
fifth time that I was there. My friends Cindy Rapson (making memories)
and Vanessa Noonan (cricut) were once again demonstrating at the same
booth, as well as new friends Suzie (jewelry) and Ruth (gypsy).
I love the trade show, as well as seeing all the new products and
techniques, you meet so many friends and you make some new ones. It is
hard work, but it is great!

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