Wednesday 17 February 2010

The time of the year

This month, February, is a but crazy for us pro crafters. There are many things to do, many places to go, many people to see.

Stitches, the trade show, is happening this weekend (Sun, Mon, Tues). As usual I will be demonstrating at the Kars booth. I will be using the Cuttlebug, which as you know is one of my all time favorite tools. I will be there on Sunday and Monday.

Tuesday is Craft Day at QVC, and I am on air at 12:30 and at 19:00. As I will be helping behind the scenes as well, I will get home probably after 1 am. So, all in all, a few exhausting days ahead, and behind me too.

Talking about QVC. I was there working behind the scenes for Dawn on Tuesday, when I saw a girl that look familiar. While the Morning Show was on I saw that they were featuring some make up sets. I realized that the girl look familiar because she was Lauren Luke. I know she is not like a massive big star, but I have been watching her make up tutorials over at YouTube for quite a while, so I was a bit star struck. As I am a shy person -yes, really I am!- I did not say anything. When I was leaving the studio, I bumped into her and said something to her. She was so lovely, just like on her videos.

Isn't it nice when you meet people in real life and they do not disappoint?

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