Saturday 18 June 2011

Getting used to full time

The last two weeks have been a combination of fun exhausting hard work and very little sleep. Today is my first proper day off in fifteen days and while I know I am lucky that I get proper days off, oh boy, my tired self certainly needs them.

Let's see how it has been for me. The Craft Barn demo weekend was great, my first visit to Sizzix/Ellison Europe in North Wales)was brilliant but tiring - a lot to take in - and last weekend I had to do 100 wedding invitations, which I could not finish till Wednesday because they took three times as long as I planned - having to print them one by one did not help!

Then last Monday and Tuesday I was down in Dorset demonstrating at the Docrafts open house. Seriously, it's a brilliant event for retailers to get to see the new products from them. I loved meeting new people and old acquaintances such as Becks Fagg and steph from kuretake.

Wednesday I was back at home working from my studio making some home decor projects for upcoming Qvc shows. In the evening, I finally finished off the invites at 23:50!

Thursday and Friday were rather calmer except for the fact that as soon as I over do it (ie work non stop for the last few weeks) my never fully out wisdom teeth start bring painful. I am really used to it by now (I have had six years of practice) so it doesn't really affect my design work but it does my overall mood. My colleagues are lucky that I am not in the office every day!

So today I am taking it easy. Except for checking email, try to sort out a few bits and bobs and really feeling extremely happy that I have a full time job that I like so much so that I have to tell myself stop working on the projects because it is a Saturday!


Fiona said...

Phew! Put your feet up.

Shirley Davis (crafter) said...

Hello Paula - what a lovely post. You clearly enjoy your new work and know yourself well. Yes, you must put up your feet today. But also plan a lovely 'play day' in your studio soon. Me Time is so important.

lucretia said...

Yeah, long full days are tough work, aren't they? Bet you're glad you can rest now.

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