Wednesday 1 June 2011

The reason why I make cards

Last Saturday was my father 60th birthday and to celebrate such special day my parents, sister and husband and Omar and I flew to Madrid to do a road trip around Castilla.

My mother asked me to make a special card for him in which we could all write on it our wished for my dad. I tried my best to make something special that he would like, so I chose a japanese theme that I know he would appreciate. I made a multi card which is basically a card with multiple pages so different family members can write their individual wishes.

I will be honest, I don't make that many special cards. It is my job to make them to inspire fellow crafters, and besides, in Spain there is not much tradition of sending cards. But every time that I make one to send I do make it special. Why? Because of the joy that a simple card causes is more than words can express as this photo shows. It is not so much about the particular card, it is about the thought that you have put in the making of the card.

The thing is that my father is probably the reason why I craft. He is a fantastic artist that has  provided for the whole family through his art. I am incredibly proud of him and of his art. And I suppose I did inherit some of his creativity even though I certainly did not inherit any of his drawing and painting talents. It was through his left over art papers that I started making cards, so he is the main reason why I am a professional crafter.


Linda said...

Happy Birthday to your Dad, he certainly doesnt look 60! X

Judith said...

What a lovely photo, would loved to have seen the card you made for him. Happy Birthday to your Dad.

Fab said...

I agree with Linda, he's very young looking, heck I look older than he does LOL

Thoughtful card Paula ! X fab

mondidimon said...

Paula, mi más sincera enhorabuena por tu trabajo. Te he descubierto por casualidad navegando por la red y me he vuelto totalmente loca con lo que haces! Es precioso, original y lleno de estilo!! Yo vivo en Turín, Italia, es posible encontrar aquí lo que haces? Y comprar en Internet?

Muchas gracias de tu nueva fan.

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