Thursday 19 September 2013

Designing, Designing, Designing

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A couple of weeks ago I spent a day in London with the uber talented Julie HickeyWe spent all day shopping, talking and enjoying ourselves.

- Circa 2004 -

One of the things it kept coming in our conversation was paper craft styles and how much we liked the trend CAS, Clean and Simple. The funny thing is that both Julie and myself have been doing CAS projects since we started our journeys in this industry, which is a long time in case of Julie - in my case only ten years!

- Circa 2007 -

I remember having conversations with Julie in 2004 about Clean and simple, quick and easy, the importance of design... It is after all, our natural style.

- 2009 -

But somehow through the years, the more fussy, vintage or elaborate trends have ruled the scenes and inspiration overflown with those. Consequently, not sure if consciously or unconsciously, we created our projects to suit the trends.

- 2010 -

Inks, distressing techniques... I love them all.

- 2011 -

Now that our natural styles are back on trend, I am both happy and apprehensive

- 2013 -

My question is: Am I being a style butterfly

Or am I just simply a professional that adapts to the current industry's fashions?

- 2013 -

Whatever I am, I think I will just keep doing what I always have tried to do. Crafting things that I like the look of it, without too much care - at least consciously - about how it fits within the current trends.


Talking about Julie, The last few days I have been immersed into redesigning her blog, as well as giving her a complete revamped Brand design.
We are near to be able to go live with the blog, so still a while away. So excited!

I have enjoyed it so much, that I think I may start offering my blog and brand design services.  I am no coder but I love deigning so much that I am willing to put the hours learning to code. But we will see...

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Elena said...

Muchas gracias por este paseo en el tiempo que nos has dado por tus diseños. A mí el estilo CAS es uno de los que más me gustan y también uno de los que me parecen más difíciles. Todo es cuestión de proporción, buen diseño, combinación de colores, texturas y materiales... para que al final todo encaje perfectamente. Y cuando se consigue el proyecto se vuelve intemporal, aguantando todas las tendencias. Así, tu proyecto de 2004 se ve igual de actual en 2013. Felicidades!

Besotes :)

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