Monday 23 September 2013

My father's - Angel Pascual Rodrigo - studio

I have spoken in the past about my father, Angel Pascual Rodrigo. He is a proper professional artist. 

My father put both my sister and I through University - granted is much much cheaper in Spain than in the UK - with his art being his only income in the family, as my mum had one of  the most important and demanding jobs, mum and housewife. You have to be a very good artist to do that. 

My father's studio is near my parent's house in a very irregular piece of land. Because of the terrain, the studio has two levels. The entrance is the top mezzanine level. When I took the photos we were having a barbecue outside hence the Tupperware staff on the table.

My uncle Vicente Pascual Rodrigo was as well an artist. In fact they started painting together as La Hermandad Pictorica. They used to paint a lot of pop art in the seventies and my dad still has some one them on display.

My dad's style for the last few decades is more what I call minimalist landscapes with conceptual and historical references. He uses his many walls to store and display some of his favourite paintings.

 On one side there is a massive window that is two floors tall. As the lower floor of the studio is a semi basement, that window light is essential.

Bellow the stairs, you can find one of my father great crafty storage ideas. A way to store his working-on-paintings.

Those carts are old, very old. I remember them from my early childhood. I just love the look of those half empty half full oil tubes, the paint splatter utensils...

On the left, one of his amazing conceptions. A clever system to see who is approaching the car entrance. 

My dad still has loads of cassettes that he still listens too. As well as cd's. As he teaches painting classes every week, there are plenty of spare easels folded away during the week.

And that s a very important little storage area. On the left, you can see the paper and card storage, and it is important to me because is where I first found beautiful card and paper to use for my crafting which then led me to cardmaking all those years ago. I like the heavy duty and cutting tools on the right. Easy to reach, easy to store. Plus all his packaging stuff is hidden away there.

And, in case you were wondering, yes, my dad has a computer in there. Just a relic of the years past still in use, the up to day one is at my parents house.

I love this studio, it has happy memories from my early crafting days, clever storage ideas and beautiful art from my dad. What more can you ask for?


Ann said...

What a magical place. Your final sentence sums up exactly what I would have written to you, had you not done so already. Fabulous snippets and memories of a life continuing to be well-spent. Enjoy the moments... your dad is a treasure!

Fab said...

This is so much fun thanks for sharing that Paula ! xoxo

Marta - Mi Scrap Lab said...

Totally in love with this space and the way you write about it!! Me encantaaaaa!!

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