Sunday 15 May 2016

Tonic Studios | Win & Tonic Gazania Card

Today is the first day of Win and ToniI c blog! It is a challenge blog that every month will have  have a prize given by Tonic Studios. Wether you are UK based or not, you can participate. To read more about it and participate click here.

How exciting!

For this first challenge, we have a Anything goes theme, so I thought I would share this card in which I use several sets of Tonic dies as well as the gorgeous Embellishment Mousses. The full tutorial is at the bottom of the post.

I used from Tonic Studios:

Beautiful Blooms - Sunburst Gazania 1288E USA | UK
Beautiful Blooms - Magnolia Flora 1289E - USA | UK
Beautiful Blooms - Woodland Aster 1285E - USA | UK
Trellis Circle Base Die set 489e - USA | UK
Nuvo Embellishment Mousse - Black Ash 811N USA | UK
Nuvo Embellishment Mousse - Spring Green 808N USA UK
Nuvo Embellishment Mousse - Peony Pink 800N USA UK

Sentiment Stamp: Big Sentiments, PICSA6068 Paula Pascual for Sweet Dixie

Plus Card in white, hot pink and green and glues.

Here is how I made it:

First I die cut the Trellis Circle Base Die - USA | UK - positioning it hanging out of the card. I almost always secure my dies with low tack tape, and for this one its essential.

Scotch Removable Magic tape is the low tack tape I have been using for over the last twelve years. Its the only one that has never let me down.
I run it through my die cutting machine - as it is an A6 folded card - it will fit through any standard 6" wide machine.

And this is one of the tricks I have been using lately to remove all the bits, a humble lint roller that I get from H&M for under a pound. This will also pick up all the paper crushing thin lines that you get when die cutting. 

(This is because when die cutting you actually don't cut but rather crush the paper or card, hence you create a the tiny sliver of paper that is just under the "blade" which is hard to remove in some cases. The Lint roller removes them really nicely.)

Using the middle circle die from the trellis set to create a mask. I used a full adhesive sticky noteThen using thin washi tape I masked all four sides to create a thin white edge all around.

Then using a foam pad and applicator I applied Mousse Spring Green USA | UK - dabbing the mousse to create texture.

Once dry, I removed first the tape revealing the white edge, and then the sticky note.

I die cut the centre of the circle using the smallest circle die on the Trellis set.

Then I die cut two white Sunburst Gazanias USA | UK using white card using both dies the outer and inner one to create the intricate detail on them. I Also die cut a solid pink one.
I trimmed one of the white ones as the picture shows.

I layered one of the white ones on to the pink one, and then using the Mousse Peony Pink USA | UK - I dry brushed the trimmed flower. Then I glue it on top of the full one.

I completely changed the colour of a die cut (medium Trellis circle) using the Black Ash  mousse USA | UK.

I stamped the message - Big Sentiments - with Versafine and die cut it using the Advent Drawer Deco Die set – UK.

Finally I added some swirls from other two sets of Beautiful Blooms, Magnolia Flora 1289E - USA | UK and Woodland Aster - USA | UK.

And what about another version? With a bit more pink, like this...

I used for this one:

Beautiful Blooms - Sunburst Gazania 1288E USA | UK
Beautiful Blooms - Apple Blossom 1290E USA | UK
Trellis Square Base Die set 488e USA | UK
Miniature Sentiments - Sent with Love 1254E USA | UK

I hope you like them!

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Dawny P said...

Drooling at the Paula and thanks for putting together a tutorial. The colours are sooo pretty xxx

Pamela said...

Beautiful. Love the colours and very generous sharing your technique x

Paula Pascual said...

Thank you Dawny! Since its the first challenge I thought a tutorial would be good!

Paula Pascual said...

Thank you Pamela! Love sharing!

Unknown said...

Oooohhh, so lovely, gorgeous colour too :) xXx

Dee said...

just beautiful Pauola..I just love your style! x

Paula Pascual said...

Thank you Claire!

Paula Pascual said...

Thank you Dee! And I love yours!

Rosietoes said...

Super tutorial Paula. Lovely ideas. x

Paula Pascual said...

Thank you Edna!

Karen Hasheck said...

Love these cards and the tutorial showing how to make them! I just got the new mousse colors from Create and Craft and can't wait to play with them. I clicked on the link to the USA website for them, but can they be bought there yet? I thought Create and Craft would still have an exclusive on them for awhile. Can you confirm when they will be available in the states? I would like to blog with them and want to be accurate in my blogpost.

Paula Pascual said...

Hi Karen!
You are right, C&C USA have exclusivity for a few more weeks. I should have put the link for C&C but got confused. (I will fix it when I am at a computer.)
Thanks for spotting it.
Paula xxx

Ruth said...

These are very pretty cards. Quite an unusual design and very fresh x

Ludeke said...

I like this very Young and modern Card very much .And your tutorial is wonderful1 hugs Maria,Vienna

Paula Pascual said...

Thank you Ruth and Ludeke!

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