Tuesday 13 March 2007

How do they do it?

I mean, how people like Keisha Campbell or Ali Edwards or so many more take pictures of their work in their studios making everything look so nice? I guess its talent plus a good camera, plus a nice tidy studio. All right, I give up. I am never going to be like them in that sense. My battle against chaos is going to be a lifetime task with no end. Just to illustrate that here there is a photo of one of my attempts. There is always something wrong. Here is the fastenater.
In other news, my friend Sarah and I went shopping yesterday. Yep, that kind of shopping, the one that makes you feel very guilty afterwards. The one that makes you and others smile. Because what we got is to make cards and layouts which our friends and family are going to enjoy for long time.
We went to one of our all time favorite places, Artbase. We spent two and half hours, and easily we could have spent so much more time and money if both of those things were free!
I so want to start teaching from home, but my studio is still not ready for that kind of event, although some of my scrapping friends are coming over this Thursday. I'll see how it goes.

1 comment:

Anam_Kihaku said...

camera - depth of field is what they use... object at one end of a long table and then background at the other end of the table :) love you work though how ever you show it off :)

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