Tuesday 6 March 2007

Tiring days

Last Friday was a craft TSV at QVC, so that meant all day shows, loads of stress. Very sad news reach us by the end of the day meaning that on top of the tiredness of all we had to deal with emotional issues. I honestly don't know how Dawn could have been so brave and good and go on front of the camera as she did. She is an amazing person and a very professional one too!
Today was just a normal Tuesday which means that its less hours but still some stress involved.
I do enjoy it, but it's a lot of hard work. One think I really appreciate is gratitude and that is a quality that Dawn shows all the time. And she means it.

After that, I went to pick up my mum from Gatwick, she arrived a little bit later than expected but it was fine.
This layout on the left is one of my my recent ones. I love it although the colours are ugly colours (as opposed to pretty colours, I know I should use naff but I like to create my own little language), and the photos tiny. I love it because although it has clean lines it uses lots of product (I have tons) and because features my favourite subject (after my cat of course): my husband Omar.


Anam_Kihaku said...

love the layouts. hope dawn is ok.

Eleanor said...

It may be an 'ugly' colour, but I love it, cos it's greenish, and it's just right for the masculine look, and it makes me think of olives, which seems right, maybe. And 'naff' is such a naff word, isn't it?
Enjoying your blog.

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