Thursday 1 March 2007

Oh, maybe I didn't explain myself

Will I ever master the English language? I very much doubt it. IT IS HARD.
There is no proper grammar, or at least not as proper as other languages like French or German (not that I speak any of those, of course).
So it seems that I need to clarify that when I say I assist Dawn Bibby it is just off-camera. Thank God for that, not feeling very pretty right now with my overweight and shabby (but not chic) clothes. Anyway it is still lots of fun and hard work. Tomorrow we have got TSV again, so I'll be there from 9am onwards, and that onwards can extend until 10pm, so a long day.

By the way, my studio is starting to look really good, but there are some things missing still. i bought two more little shelves just in hope that I am getting some more new Primas. Oh boy, don't I just love them in their little pretty jars? I rarely use them, but they are such a bright and expensive decoration that I can hardly resist.
Ikea of course didn't have the bookcase that i was after, so I'll have to go back. It is not that bad, IKea is just ten minutes down the road. Lucky you may think, but my purse doesn't think so, because now a days it is the only part of me that is doing some exercise.

Oh, well, need to run some errands [wait a second, this is the first time that I actually use this expression, do I get 10 points?] so I need to go.

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