Saturday 1 September 2007

Abot shopping

Today I went out on my own and drove to yet another scrapbook store shop. Not a big deal, you may think, but it actually it is for me.
My mum in law's car has no air conditioning! and while the weather is gorgeous -sunny but mild temperatures- a navy blue car gets really hot inside.
No less important than temperatures is the fact that it was my first time driving in Canada (well, I drove five minutes with Omar, but it was very short and downtown) and that today I had to take the 401 highway. For those who live in the UK: think M25 times 2 at sometimes even 3. The 401 has at some points 16 lanes, 8 for each direction, can you imagine? Express, collectors, numerous exits in both sides of the highway, construction work...
How I got to Scrapalicous? Well I know: I had a map. The shop is fantastic, well worth my efforts to get there. And the best bit, there are two Michaels not far from it. I just went to one, which had been recently revamp, and bought some Martha Stewart goodies. The whole line looks fantastic although is a bit pricey and not very scrapbookey, if that makes sense.
I'll provably be playing with my crafting goodies for a while, because my husband is camping with his brother in Algonquin Park, a real camping with canoe and everything. (Pure heaven for them, pure hell for people like me.)

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Unknown said...

Paula, not sure if you are still over there, and I am not sure if they have Targets in Canada, but check them out for scrapbooking and cardmaking goodies if they do

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