Friday 14 September 2007

A RAK for Charity (part 2)

I have had a few responses about the RAK for charity. Yesterday, I raised my first tenner, not much, but it is an start!
I am going to keep doing RAKs for charity, I really feel great about doing this. However, after a quick chat with very sensible Kim, I have decided that I am going to change a little bit the way of doing it. Basically to keep a control of the money raised, it will work like this: whoever recibes the RAK will make a donation to what I call my Charity tin (cash, paypal or cheque). If I send it by post, then at least you need to donate the total amount of the posting plus the amount (even a 1pound) you would like to give, all will go straight to the tin and I will put your name in my contributors list. I do not expect to fund raise loads of money, just to convert some of my stash into something useful and charitable!
Also, after a friend suggested that I settled for a charity, I made a decision. After a little bit of research I have decided that the money fund raised will go to Marie Curie Cancer Care. I hope that everyone will be happy to contribute to this caring cause!


stampingcaz said...

Sounds fab Paula, I will bring some money along tomorrow for my tin. :)

simplyfairies said...

Paul can I have two tins please will be at creatives sunday too if you want to bring them, And I shall donate what would have been paid in postage plus extra!!!!

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