Wednesday 18 March 2009


I am honestly thinking that I might have been a vampire in a previous life, not because of my love of fresh blood but because of my likeness for the night. Just joking! I hate anything to do with vampires, I never understand the crazes for Twilight and this sort of thing.
Anyway, because of my body being much more creative and alert at night rather than in the morning I tend to be very unproductive when the light is perfect for photos. So, result, bad lighting.
Still you can have an idea of the card. All materials are SEI except the letters which are Basic Grey.

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Fab said...

Hola Paula ! I was reading a post on Dawn's newly started blog and she mentioned you so I thought I need to pay you a visit. LOL

I can only agree about being a night person. I'm a total night owl and will be up at around 3-4am maybe crafting or chatting with my american friends who belong to our card swapping group. I get told to go to bed very often by them, shocked that I can be up so late. So yes you're alone Paula and I think the reason we do it is because it's very quiet and we know we're not going to get interrupted by a phone call or something else. We've got the house for ourselves.

I've been watching your posts and I always learn so much artistically from your samples, I like how you cut away and make a few elements 'pop' and everything gel together: BRILLIANT !

I'm going to try to go to Olympia and meet Dawn this coming Friday. Are you going to be there, I'll love to see you again.

Hugz XXX Fab

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