Friday 6 March 2009

New chocolate love

I do love chocolate, dark, rich chocolate. That is a fact well established between my friends and family. By the way, Mars bars and that sort of stuff does NOT qualify as chocolate in my books.

The first requirement is that it should be 70% Cocoa Solids minimum. Then, it should glossy and that cracks nicely, as a non glossy one will be too dry and rough or not smooth enough, and the clean cracking noise means that is fresh and cold (as opposed to warm cause if it is warm it loses some of its taste and texture).

Lindt 70% has been a firm favorite of mine for a very long time. In fact it was the first 70% minimum that I came in contact all those years ago in Mallorca. But lately I found the supply that I have found in supermarkets around where I live has lacked the freshness, texture and even the flavor I have became accustomed to.

So, I have trying different ones. A colleague of my husband got me this one from Paris. To die for. Really. That good. But to go to Paris just for the chocolate...that is a bit too much even for a crazy chocolate lover like myself.
I tried Montezuma and Hotel Chocolat. The first one is good, but not enough, the texture is not very refined. Hotel Chocolat has a fabulous chocolate line called The Purist, its 75% Tanzanian is very good but, you can not buy in its own anymore.

But today with my grocery delivery I had a nice surprise. A lovely little box, nicely designed that looked like this:

OK, the photo is not mine - I would had never put that blue ribbon nor the bright pink fabric in the background!- I am sucker for good graphic design, put anything with a nicely designed wrapper and I will buy it, so as soon as I saw it in the freebie bag I wanted to tasted but, before I eat anything, specially chocolate, I always read the contains. I do not have any dangerous food allergies, however I am very picky as the list of flavors I do not like is a very long one. So, I soon saw the 63% minimum cocoa solids. A bit disappointed, that is below my minimum requierements of 70%.

I hear you saying, all that long write up for this?

Well, not quite. While I was doing some design work on the computer I felt chocolaty, in need of a chocolate taste. And beside me there was Choxi+. I tried a small piece first. Then a second soon followed, and a third was needed to make sure that first and second impressions were accurate. It is actually it is a brilliant chocolate. Glossiness, tick; nice crack noise, tick. Rich flavour, smooth texture.

The best? I am not sure, but certainly the marketing doesn't harm as it says that cotains up to three times the level of antioxidants. With a 10gr piece, you are sorted for the day. I will try to stick to this, I think I prefer this to the five a day! -provably you are meant to do both.

So here it is: to the little happiness that chocolate, good, extremely good chocolate brings us!

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DawnBibby said...

Paula, couldn't agree with you more. chocolate is essential!!!!! Dawn b xx

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