Sunday 31 May 2009

A great day out and more Rosettes

Yesterday I had a fabulous time demonstrating the Slice at Wickford Hobbies & Crafts . I had already met John and Rene before at a trade event and already thought they were very nice people, and I wasn't wrong and the rest of team also were a joy to work with. The shop is a true Alladins cave for crafters. And they had the new large 3.5" Woodware punches, which are absolutely faboulous!

Then, on my way home I stopped at Sugar and Spice which a lovely shop very near by. Aren't South Essex crafters lucky? In that area they have got such a pick of top scrapbooking and crafting shops! apart from the mentioned ones there is Artbase, one of my old favourites, and Imagine that. And the great thing about all this shops is that they all are and feel very different, all of them stocking some different products from the next and making necessary to visit them all andspend loads of money in each and every one of them! Also, all the owners of the shops are nice people and I do enjoy seeing them and chatting, just because I love chatting about crafts!

I really, really had a fab time.

In other news, was I glad that Diversity won last night Britain's got talent? Oh yes! I love underdogs wining but also as much as I like Susan Boyle I always thought she was way over hyped. I mean, she has a beautiful voice and she knows how sing well, but only the audition was that amazing and most of it because it was unexpected from her. In the other hand, I thought that a really diverse group of young lads that train really hard to dance is a very good example for everyone. And the choreography was just amazing, it was one of those few times that an act gets better and better as the competition progresses.

And by they way, es, I know, you are tired of rosettes! But I just want to explore all possibilities on how to make them. This one was done with the Slice using Porcelain papers, which I enjoyed making.
The flower pattern has an empty center hence the use of a bigger circle for it.


Momiji said...

great card in natural colours..I love the way you have shaped it. would never be able to afford the slice so have to look for alternative craft techniques...

Vicki said...

Beautiful card Paula, really like the flower!

Vicki x

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