Sunday 12 July 2009

Of Workshops and Die cutting

Some of my friends say I worry too much. I don't know. I only know how much I worry not how much others worry. And I know that worrying a bit a bout the right things allows me to become better about my job.
The thing is Thursday's class was not a complete success, although I would not say it was a complete failure either as there were some attendees that did not enjoy the class. Well, you may think that is hardly the first that that has happened to me, or any other tutor for that matter, that it is true and I know it.
But Thursday's was a bit different. Let me explain. I was teaching one of my signature classes, die cutting. As always, I tried my best to prepare some projects that reflected what the workshop's description said. I also tried, as I always do, to cramped in as much as possible. Why? Because I much rather over do it than under do it. I much rather have complains that too much was to be done in two hours rather than finish half hour or an hour before time. Timing workshops is really hard. Honestly, it does not get easier with experience because you never know who is attending.
Die cutting is even harder to teach. Although I brought my own Cuttlebug, it meant that there were three machines for twelve people (two are from the shop, The Glitter Pot) but obviously only one die of each kind, which are all my personal ones by the way. To make things smoothly and avoid large queues in the afternoon I decided to divide the class in two, meanwhile some were doing one card, the others were doing the little box, and viceversa. That did work for some, but not for others as some attendees needed more help and attention than others.
When you have a full class usually you get about twelve people that have got different speeds and different levels of experience. It is impossible to satisfy everyone, and I know that. But at the same time, it does not stop me from trying my best.
I suppose that lesson from Thursday's class was to limit die cutting classes to 10 attendees.

Anyway, right now I am packing to go for a few days to Spain to see the family and do some paperwork.

By the way the card above was part of my article on Ten Ways with Chipboard published in Cardmaking and Papercraft last month.


Momiji said...

I guess it just depends on the group of people at the time and there will always be some who need more help.
I am sure your classes are really well presented and with the best will in the world these things happen sometimes.
I think when your standard of work is so high as yours is we give ourselves a hard time sometimes.
hope you enjoy your break and time with family...

AuroraDawn said...

Hi Paula,

No complaints from me, the class was very well presented and I learnt an awful lot - in fact I was so pleased I have signed up for the August workshop already ;o) I wouldn't worry about the queues for die cutting etc, just explain at the beginning that there is only one set of dies - the class does/will understand.

I have a request ... can you send me the list of 'ingredients' used for each of the cards we made so I can update my blog :)

Karyn said...

Hi Paula,

Just wanted to say, and its been a long time since i've had the pleasure of attending your classes (as the craft co is now gone), that i always loved your classes and you always got great feedback! Have a fab time with your family.


PeeJay said...

The only problem I had was that I thought it was a bit manic! Mind you, a lot of that was to do with the fact that I can't stand for too long (I've a leg problem that is in process of being diagnosed - I hope!) so queueing really isn't an enjoyable option for me so I tried to fill waiting time by preparing the other projects. Didn't work too well 'cos I ended up getting myself confused between the projects. Saving the box to finish at home (although it should have been my first project) helped ease the pressure for the afternoon. If I'd done one less project in the morning it may have helped as well. Overall it was a good class and it wasn't all down to the content that I didn't totally enjoy it as much as I hoped but I can't say that I didn't like it either. Loved the effect of the Pearl-Ex and, now that it's properly dry, it's not messy - lol! Updating my blog right now .....

Whisper said...

I agree with Dawn, it was a great class as usual and I loved it and as usual learnt so much, Sam x

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