Sunday 9 August 2009

Of BBQ and lovely summer days

Yesterday i had to teach two workshops here up North which I really
enjoyed as everyone who came was really nice and friendly. As always I
was a bit tired afterwards but happy that everything went well. Today
I am teaching another workshop.
As omar came on Thursday to Manchester we have enjoyed some us time
traveling around the area, which we usually don't do as we are always
busy, he during the week me during the weekend. Anyway, we went to
York which is lovely, lovely, lovely! We were really lucky as the
weather was beautiful.
And yesterday, after my workshops, we did a big BBQ at dawn's. It was
really nice to be outside by the fire on a summer night.

Paula Pascual

1 comment:

Helen said...

Hi Paula. Thanks so much for the workshops last Saturday - me and my sister really enjoyed them and got so much inspiration and top tips! I just love my mini book and am getting a bit obsessive with the nestie flowers... Thanks again.

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