Monday 24 August 2009

Still issues with blogger

Actually with my ftp server, which it is really annoying as I have loads of photos to share.
I took last week off as my cousin Angela came to visit us from Spain. As neither Omar nor me had ever been to Cornwall, so we decided to go for a few days. As planning is not our forte we decided to do a road trip without any plans but just book the hotel on the same day. At the end we only spent two nights, but we did go to a lot of places.
The first day, we stopped at Stonehenge, Exeter -lovely cathedral and surroundings-, Dartmoor National Park -we actually only stopped once, but the moor that inspired The Hound of the Baskervilles is a fascinating park- and then we got to Plymouth to spent the night. We loved Plymouth. It is really enchanting place and we had a fab dinner at The Barbican Kitchen, yummy food.
On the second day, we went to Penzance, on the way we stopped at Looe, Truro, other coastal towns, Lizzard point -beautiful spot of coast the most southern spot in Great Britain-, and finnally we got to Penzance where we spent the night. To me, it was a bit disappointing, it felt less lively than I had anticipated, but it was nice enough.
The third day was brilliant. As soon as we woke up, which for my standards was early, we went to Mount St Michael. It is a lovely place, but you have to have proper shoes as the path to the castle is steep and uneven. After that we had a picnic on the beach in front of the St Michael, but as soon as we finished eating the rain started so we decided to jump into the car and go to Land's End. A part from the monstrosity that is that hideous tourist centre/arcade, the scenery is great. After that we went to St Ives, and we all loved St Ives. Although a bit too crowed for our liking -it is August after all- the place has a great vibe to it and it is charming, lively and artsy as well, a mix of surfer dudes and art galleries, ice cream vendors and pasties shops... just lovely. On the way back home, we stopped at Tintagel. A bit of a let down for me as i always loved the Arturian legends, but I would like to come back again and checked it properly.
We got home really late, passed midnight, but it was worth it as we had loads to do the next day as my cousin wanted to go to London to do some shopping, which we did.
As you can imagine, we did loads of kilometers in just three days, maybe not very relaxing for some, but we enjoyed thoroughly.

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