Monday 31 August 2009

Trees and demos

Like with many other cards, I get the feeling that is a bit out there. Let me explain. I often do what I call over the edge cards, I sure like to make them and probably would be delighted to get them, but that is not the point. Cardmaking is one of the few generous hobbies out there becuase you make something to give to someone else and therefore that person tastes whould be on your mind while making the card. But, how many people would appreciate the over the edge cards? Not sure. However, since I like to make them I will keep making them. Some day I may even get one!

Although there has been a clear trend of trees and wood grain images in the craft world, I haven't bought that much with trees or wood. Except, that is, this lovely Penny Black stamp. I thinks is so pretty yet perfect for men cards, so that is why I used it for a card that I did at a workshop with the same title.

By the way, next weekend I will be among the large group of demonstrators at the Glitter Pot. Loads of super talented cardmakers will be there, so if you can make it, you should not miss the event!

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