Wednesday 18 November 2009

Christmas acetate

Will I make my Christmas cards out of acetate this year? Well, not a hundred percent sure, probably I will do some like this one which I love using Craftwork Cards stuff/ I used so many different items that I wont list them, too tired for that.

If I mentioned that I am tired is not for sympathy. It is that tomorrow I have a workshop at the Glitter pot. Last week I was sent by post a parcel containing the items for me to design and make the cards. As the postal strike was in full swing, the parcel has not arrived yet. Thank goodness for plan B. But plan B has been a bit challenging, maybe a bit of a stress made me uncreative.

Also yesterday I had my hair cut and... it didn't go that well.
Haircuts. I have had a few, most of them pretty standard ones. It is not that I have been over the moon with many of them, more like I have been satisfied with the results. To be honest, I can only recall two haircust made me feel really good. The first time, eight years ago when I went back to professional hairdressers after a few years of home hair cutting, and the second time was last year in LA, in a proper Hollywood saloon.
Why hair makes us so miserable? I mean when its good its great, we feel on top of the world, but when it's bad it's really bad.
Yesterday I had my hair cut short, I just wanted a jaw sort of length. The problem this time is that I had it cut so short that there is nothing I can do, the back is super short -she actually shaved the neck- and the very front and some top layers are very short too.
I liked the salon -a lot actually- and it is a good hair cut but it is so short!

Well, you live and learn. One haircut at the time.


Fiona said...

Another fantastic card!!!

lucretia said...


carley duff creations said...

beautiful card my love and im sure your hair will be great at least you wont need it cut for a while
Hope you and your family are keeping well?
We are all great
take care

LauraLaura said...

Lovely acetate card !

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