Saturday 28 November 2009

Still up north

I have been so busy this week that all my extracurricular activities -
ie visiting friends- had to be pushed aside. I kind of imagined that
would be the case, so I didn't make any plans and though if I had time
left I would arrange the visits while here.
Anyway, I had my workshops today. All the ladies finished more or less
their projects and seem happy with them. It was a bit chaotic as not
eveyone was doing the same thing at the same time, but as a teacher I
do prefer it this way as it allows everyone to go at their pace and
not feel rushed or bored.
Tomorrow demo, love demonstrating and I will be using some of the
latest products from craftwork cards. By the way, have you seen their
new website? It's lush! (as I am posting from my phone I don't know
how to do proper links so just go to

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