Monday 23 August 2010

Mini album Proud

Finally I got round to taking photos of the new mini album I taught at the workshops at Dawn Bibby's shop. The photo above is of the front cover of the mini album. 

I decided on doing a patchwork piece for it and then I stamped a sentiment from the Mix and Match stamp set. As you know, the stamps were designed for cardmaking, but somehow this message works well for this mini album. After all, the other word for them is brag books!

You can see that the middle tag section is actually formed of quite a few of them.

Because when it opens it is actually a mini tag album within the mini album. Even more tags are hidden on the left page, as I like to make the most of my cardstock, on every page that has to be doubled up due to constructions reasons. For the whole book I used ten shipping tags.
In case you are wondering, this gorgeous young lady is my cousin Angela. Not only she is got the beauty but also the brains. She is about to start her sixth year at med school. I am so very proud of her, in a way, she is the little sister I always wanted to have and never had.

Tomorrow more photos. There is still another unexpected technique in this album.

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