Wednesday 18 August 2010

Workshop Punches

This post is directed for the ladies who came to my workshops at Topaz last weekend, because it is just the list of punches that we used. For those who could not come, well this post has little interest, but I will post photos of the project once I get round to taking the pictures first.

If you are thinking of buy them, please consider first Dawn Bibby Design Studio -Topaz Crafts- as they were the hosts of the workshops or Personal Impressions Stockists, the UK distributors of both Martha Stewart and ekSuccess. By buying from them you support companies that support demonstrations and local workshops all around the country, without the local shops and UK distributors there would not be free demo days and very few workshops.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I was one of the lucky ladies who made the 2 mini albums with Paula last Saturday...I loved every minute I was there and thank you yet again Paula for your great choice of papers and punches for us to work with, and for all you tips and expertise. Both albums we made are fabulous.Many thanks for a wonderful Joan (the Rafa fan )

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