Saturday 13 September 2014

A few ways using of making paper flowers using the Intricate Flowers 2

Using just the 6 petals flowers from the new Intricate Flowers 2 I wanted to create different looks. So I die cut plenty of them in different colours.

Using the Sizzix Tool Kit mat and bigger ball tool, I shaped this flower from the top.  Then Layered on a flat one and added the stems - die included in the same set.

You can see that looks quite nice with the bottom showing through the top. On the right, I shaped that flower from the back to give that pillowy effect, but then press down on the centre from the front.

To create a peony/chrysanthemum sort of flower, die cut five larger flowers and two smaller sized ones. Using the Sizzix Tool Kit, I shaped the flower from the top. 

I really pressed strongly on the the centre. Then I did the same with the rest of the flowers and layered them.

I also die cut and shaped the stem dies that are included in the set. I used the small ones.

And here you have the full flower all layered up. Once I had the flowers I can use them straight away on a project, or keep them ready to add detail to a project.

1 comment:

SueF said...

These flowers are so beautiful Paula. They're in my shopping basket ready for payday!


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