Monday 3 September 2007

Stampin Up

I think the first time I heard of Stampin Up was on the marvelous first issues of Take Ten by Stampington Co. The superbr design of their images really caught my eye and I tried to get them . As many other keen stampers in the Uk, I was soon told that it was impossible for me to get them in Europe, that only you could get them through a qualified instructor in the US.
All right, a few months ago they anounced that they are expanding to the Uk, but can I wait? Of course not! While I am here in Canada I need to attend one Stampin Up event, so I contact Caroline Lebel, order some stuff and book myself into one class. I love it. Love the product love the style.
Here you have a photo of two of the stations:

I mean, isn't that neat? Of course in order to work this type of class where each station is set for making one card requires loads of space and not many attendees, otherwise it would be like a game of chairs.

Then Caroline's daughter, Serena, posed for the camera -my camera phone!- in front of the wall of samples.

And then there was this shelves with loads of samples some made by Caroline some made by other Stampin Up instructors.

So, in other words, I had a blast and can hardly wait until Stampin Up comes over to the UK.


Momiji said...

oh wow !! this stuff looks really great and I'm sure you're gonna love it!! the stamps seem to suit your style so can't wait to see what you come up with....

Kylie Swain said...

How fantastic is Stampin' Up! I have been in contact with a demonstrator in Australia for when we move there at the end of the year. I hope you got the catelogue!
Hope you are enjoying your holiday.

Anna said...

You lucky thing Paula. I would love to attend a Stampin Up demonstration. Hope you are having a good holiday.

Unknown said...

I think Anna said it really, oh you lucky thing, I have a lot of stampin up sets, so am very lucky but to go to a real demonstration, oh heaven!!! lol

Cannot wait until they hit out shores, yeay

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