Monday 17 September 2007


Yes, I am tired. Very tired, in more ways than one.
Of course I am physically tired after three days of demo at Creative Living (formerly known as Creative Pastimes) though that is the least of tiredness that I worry about. I enjoyed myself because I demoed the wonderful Cricut Expressions (the photo above it just the simplest project ever done with this machine), an amazing piece of craft equipment.
I am tired because between yesterday and today I have done the 12 cards for the Recipe Cards (Craftwork Cards) and another article for Quick Cards magazine (sorry, too tired to make a link).

I am tired, and that is what worries me, I am tired again because of the whole craft industry. Yes, I am tired again about that. It never seems to go away, it sticks and some time even stinks!
It is all the same backstabbing, bitchiness of the some of the people who participate in this as a business and some others as a hobby. They are just childlike. I have to say that this time around I am lucky that what I have what I have read-heard-seen is completely is not directed at me at all, but to some of my dear friends and other people I care about.
I know that this will be most likely always the case in this craft world and because of it I am not sure that I want to be a part of it anymore.

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simplyfairies said...

Oh me gawd Paula who on earth has upset ya!!! let me at em!! we are not all like that, so don't let it get ya down.... jealousy is a nasty thing and unfortuately some of us will come across it more than others, Just rise above it girl and take no notice !!!!

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