Tuesday 27 April 2010

Envelopes for Over the edge

I love this lovely bright colors! But anyway the purpose of today's post is to talk a bit about envelopes.
Since Inez asked me if I actually make the envelopes I decided to explain how I solve the issue here. I actually very rare make my own envelopes, if I do it will be using the Cricut Expressions. However, the general trick is to have a large assortment of envelope sizes, so I know that it will fit one envelope or another one larger.

For instance this card is 6 x 4" plus the extra tab on one end. This card will fit a size B6 or similar envelope, like the i6 from Ideal Envelopes.

PS. The tab is a Woodware punch called Mini File Tab that you can see here. Alison, that is a very good idea, the only reason why I don't do it is because envelopes are always an afterthought for me. I know it is kind of wrong, but I really don't worry at all about a card being on a much larger envelope. But that is just me!


QueenAJ said...

Hi Paula,
I just love this sample, it's so simple and fresh looking.
Have you die-cut your own tab or is it a ready made one. I'd love to have a go at this design and I can't wait for your stamp designs to hit the shops!

Anonymous said...

I have made cards like this before and then found I didn't have an envelope to fit it. I now cut the base card down a little, before adding the 'tab' and then make sure that the card plus 'tab' measure 6"X4", 6"X6", etc.

I love your designs Paula!

Alison Brown

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that Paula! I must buy more envolpopes!!!! Well different sizes at least. Funny but its something I never think to buy when I am craft shopping, I am too busy getting distracted by all the lovely papers & stamps & shiney things!!!

Inez Lavinia

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