Friday 30 April 2010

Quite Contrary

And more My Minds Eye. The message is a InCircle on to a Woodware 1 1/2" scalloped punch, size otherwise known as Big.

A few things about the blog, nothing important though. Some of you may be observant enough to have noticed that I have removed the Crafty Blogs counter. When I read on Caz blog her reasons for taking it away, something in me said it made sense. I have been using Google analytics for a while now, so I know the real numbers of visits, wether they be from UK or from abroad, and sometimes it did not match the Crafty Blogs numbers. So, when I had the blog issues a few weeks ago and I had to redesign the blog -the idea was to make it as similar as possible to the old one- I made the decision of not putting up again the Crafty counter.

Also, I am going to try to put a watermark in all my photos from now. It is not that I have found my cards attributed to anyone somewhere, rather that I always have thought it is a good protection against that but never had the patience to actually spend time on photoshop and overlaying the mark. Also, if you have downloaded some of those photos then you will know where from. It may be annoying sometimes, but it is something that I think I should have done from the very beginning. Just a reminder, everything in this blog is copyrighted, from photos to words, to logos and everything in between.


AuroraDawn said...

Simply gorgeous card Paula, and thanks for the reminder about putting the watermark on my photos I've got very lax lately ...

Michelle's Blog and Cards said...

Lovely card - I like the way you have decorated the inside too - I think that maybe I should learn how to watermark my pictures as my cards seem to be getting really popular - Michelle

SDCrafts said...

What a pretty and deceptively simple style of card, Paula. Lovely.

Yes, I watermark my photos too. It is irritating but becomes a routine job after a while. I am not in the least bit famous so those of you who are real designers need to go so much more than me!

Have a good weekend everyone.

debs29blue said...

Hi Paula
I love your new sets of stamps, I have managed to order most of them, but I am having trouble finding any shops that stock two sets of them.
These are the "shadow monograms" and the "double sayings".
Do you know of any store that is stocking these please? Or if they haven't been released yet, a possible date for them?
Many thanks for your help and I am really looking forward to receiving the sets I have on order and "playing"!
Love all your fab cards on your blog, you give me loads of inspiration!
Take care and have a great weekend.
Debs x

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous card Paula, I love the colours, I must get those papers.

cathinka said...

Paula, goody, more MMEye- love them too, and get a bit unsure of how to use them, so really like your photos. I sometimes download them, and though I don't make cards to sell, I save them in my computer folder named 'PaulaPascual', cos then I can find them quickly, sometimes just to look at, because I spend too much time getting waylaid into looking online for too many hours (you know, where your feet go to sleep/get icy cold, and your knees set in the bent right-angle position, and you suddenly get boggle-eyed)-and it's been 4 hours since I meant to switch the computer off and DO something..
But a watermark would be good, as sometimes my computer saves things in the oddest places unless I'm concentrating (maybe it's just me.)
I do find that it's good to look at things without going online, helps me manage my time better.
Kind regards, and if I shouldn't save your card pictures, I won't, and am sorry if it's the wrong thing to do. ?hope that made sense?

Paula Pascual said...

Hi cathy, yes it is fine by me to download the photos on this blog as long as you know that the copyright of the cards and photos will always be mine. That means that you cannot submit cards that are identical or close copies to mine for publication -on print or website or any future other medium- or competitions of any kind. But if you use them as an inspiration point and then put your own twist to your card, that is absolutely fine by me!

Paula Pascual said...

Debs, i will find out and let you know where you can find them.
Thanks for all the lovely comments!

nikkib said...

I love your designs Paula, and I was lucky enough to attend a couple of classes of yours a couple of years ago at Creative Pastimes...

I am trying to fins the Woodware 1 1/2" scallop circle and not having any luck...

I love your stamps and am now off to find where I can get them.

cathinka said...

Thanks for the answer, Paula, and I don't make cards for publication or sell cards, and don't enter competitions, or know how to set up a blog- although when I was trying to post a comment the very first time, I somehow set up 'my' blog!! Don't know how it happened, and haven't got anything on it, so it's just the way I can post comments...yep, am not techy-minded/computer literate!
I tell everyone who gets a card like yours "That's a Paula-card!" and say about your website/blog, and a few of my friends have gone to see your website because of that- and they are amazed at your cards/style/stamps! :)
So Thank you, once again.
ps- have just asked about your watermark/download on todays post, so apols for thr double question- am a computer novice!

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