Saturday 1 May 2010

More Patchwork

I still have got plenty of Vintage My Minds Eye papers, and more recent as well. So I am working slowly through them. And by plenty of papers I mean little scraps, when I am working with papers that I really, really, really like I keep in a poly bag any decent leftovers, and that could be as small as a 1cm wide by 5cm. I will only keep those papers that really inspire me. In that poly bag will only be papers of one collection, that way I can mix and match any of them. Which is great when you are doing this technique as little pieces are required.

You can see in this close up, how the pattern of the embossing folder continues seamlessly. I love this technique, you will have a chance to have a go if you are coming to Dawn's Residential or coming to one of my forthcoming workshops, which reminds me I need to update.


Fiona said...

Great idea Paula, I'm all for using up scraps.

Fiona x

Momiji said...

I love this patchwork effect. they are beautiful papers.

Anonymous said...

it's a great look, r u coming up north for th residential weekend luv if so i may get to catch up with u then keep creating x x j

cathinka said...

Thank you, Paula, this is a great way to be 'green' as well, using up all the little bits we can't bear to throw away! Do you tape then together first before putting them through the embossing folder?
I can't often get out, so following your blog acts like a tutorial, and you have really got a lovely style, especially as I prefer text-based cards.That's why your message stamps are so good to use, and I'm slowly, patiently collecting them.
Thanks again,

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