Saturday 15 May 2010

Using Leftovers of leftovers

When it comes to leftovers of leftovers, you would think that they have a destination called Rubbish Bin. Well, usually it is the case, but when I have leftovers of leftovers from papers or backgrounds that I really like I can not throw them away. So I keep them in the same bag as before, you know, a small poly bag with all the bits from one project so that they all coordinate.
The piece on the left is a leftover from a larger project. I used the leftover for yesterday's card and this was what it was left, so I used it in combination with some other bits.
can you see that the patterned paper has a punched out circle? Well, that was like that because I punched out the circle for another card, therefore I incorporated it into my new design.
I finished off the card with one of my Big Sentiments.


madalison said...

Waste not, want not! I love your designs Paula, clean simple and very effective. You are a fresh inspiration, which gives me confidence to try something completely new. Thank you for sharing.
MadAlison from the Wirral xx

Fiona said...

Great design. I love it when you can produce something gorgeous with scraps that could have been destined for the bin.

sparklygirl-Tina said...

Lovely card Paula just shows what you can do with those leftovers - I think it would make a great challenge! - saying that there probably is one somewhere in blogland.


nikkib said...

I always keep my leftovers, you never know when they will come in useful... I have managed to get hold of some of your stamps, need to get the Mix and Match and Double Sayings now. I love the Butterflies but couldn't find them on Dawns website, I'm off to have another look.

Anonymous said...

Love the card Paula, so
co-ordinated but simple. You have such great ideas.

Michelle's Blog and Cards said...

Love this card and love the title of the post too - Michelle

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