Tuesday 18 May 2010

A quick one

Using Origins Cardmaking kit from Basic Grey.


Michelle's Blog and Cards said...

Its a very nice card - Michelle

cathinka said...

Not checked your blog for a few days, Paula-
..and YES, you should take time to step back on as regular/often a basis as you can...you are, like most creative, giving people, always working, and sharing, so you need to re-charge.
I've seen from lecturing students that lots of true learning happens in the small breaks/gaps from study/work; their brains absorb the knowledge so that they really have it at their fingertips as a sort of 'organic' fundament/foundation for further learning and thinking. It seems that when they have gone through this 'gap-learning' process they are so much more able to work effortlessly towards fruitful results.
So for a true artist, I think that 'creativity' happens very much 'in the gaps..' so take gaps, and as you've already said that you are aware of the need to understand the process/order in your art, I hope that you can switch off regularly!
Phew, a long comment!
I really enjoy your art and your way of creating, your style.These newest cards are great, lovely style- Thank you :)

cathinka said...

- and this card suggests tennis to me- court lines, net,your stamped sentiment being the ball!
Truly, creative, gifted, and the mag article is soooo good! Thanks!

cathinka said...

oops, the card below, May 17th!

Boo said...

Fabulous card - love those colours.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted you to know that your 3 Sheets of All Occasion Clear Greeting Stamps from QVC are WONDERFUL. They are perfectly sized, a great price and have so many uses. I will have so much fun using them – Thank you!

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