Friday 14 May 2010

More Amore Butterflies

I did say yesterday that i love, LOVE, the new Amore butterflies by Dawn Bibby. Well, I could not resist and make another one using for the background some leftovers that I sprayed with Angel Mists. By the way, the Kraft option does not appear on the website, but they do have it in the shop so if you would like to buy some give them a call.

I also want to thank everyone for leaving such a lovely comments. They all mean a lot to me, specially since not that long ago I didn't use to get any. Please, keep them coming as they push me to make more cards and more posts in this blog.


Paul B said...

Oh well, if by posting it will encourage you to make more cards, then here's my contribution lol. I just love, love, love the cards you make. I know I've said it before and you're prob tired of hearing it but I love your style and your crafts. I love logging onto the net to discover that there's a new post from you with another inspiring card or layout. Please, please, please keep 'em coming :) Px

Lavinia said...

Hiya Paula!

Great card, like you said, love the simplicity! Inspired again! Keep it up!


cathinka said...

what a sweet thing to say about comments, and yes, you are giving so much enjoyment through your creativity, blog-wise and STAMP-wise; THANK YOU, PAULA.
some good feedback for you- I made the card (like the May 2nd one) for an elderly male friend, used one of your circles stamps and different papers- he said "I've never had a card I wanted to keep out to look at, but this one is staying on the bookcase. I like it. Where did you buy it?" I told him about your blog and stamps, and he's "amazed at her talent and industry".
(By the way, your newest fan is a taciturn retired engineer who Never makes comments on cards!)
So you see, many people from all sorts of ages/genders/occupations are touched by your talent and generosity.
-WELL DONE,Paula- I'd never have been able to make a card so good on my own; you are great.
A big THANK YOU from me :) :)

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