Sunday 16 May 2010

No photo today

Sorry, but no picture. Why? well, there are some days that for no reason in particular I like to take a breather, specially where work is concerned. And, paper crafting is my job so a bit of not having to think about it always goes well.

I used to not think like that, but a couple of weeks ago I attended a photography seminar. It was absolutely brilliant and one of the things I learnt was to take complete breaks in order to be better then at your creative job. To be honest, now seems like such a reasonable idea that I can't believe I never fully did that. You see, my brain is always thinking of a million little things, maybe not a million but a lot of ideas go through my head ALL the time. Everything I see, listen or read my brain has to process it and analyze all the consequences that my brain can think of from the new information. When I am creating, it is the same, I am always thinking of what could I do different to make it better, even though most times the first time was a good as I could possibly make it. It is exhausting.

So, a little bit of a breather between here and there of cardmaking should be ok. After all, we all need our creative juices to be recharged at some point. But don't worry, hopefully I will be back tomorrow with more photos!


Anonymous said...

Good for you Paula, you deserve a day 'off' now and again. I always wonder how you manage to create your fabulous designs on such a regular basis. I check out your blog every day and am always amazed and never disappointed.

sparklygirl-Tina said...

Hi Paula ditto the comments above - enjoy your day off - you deserve it.

I suppose for me it is my hobby so blogging and card making everyday is my "play" time, which I totally understand is completely different to when it is your job (although that would be fab!!!)

Take care


Michelle's Blog and Cards said...

Enjoy your break ! Michelle

lucretia said...

Everyone's entitled to a break. Nothing wrong with that...hope you enjoy yourself.

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