Sunday 11 April 2010

I LOVE die cut paper

Oh yes I do! This one is from Making Memories.

Close up of the message and focal point. The circles are punch out using this other paper.

And this is the inside. You need an insert for sure in this card because a) the die cut paper is actually paper -unlike the My Minds Eye ones that are more like card-, and b) there is a printed logo on the back. So I used CoreDinations card as an insert. Remember when gluing the insert you glue it to the back of the front of the card and not the edge nor the other page.

By the way, tomorrow I will start introducing properly my sets of stamps with tutorials, samples and top tips -if I have any!


Katty Bell said...

Ooohh Gorgeous! Love how the design really draws the eye in :)
Looking forward to your tutes for your stamps!

Momiji said...

fabulous again! loving your designs...
and it will be great to have some tutorials for those of us who can't come to your workshops.

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