Thursday 15 April 2010

Oh, My!

For the first time my blog was featured on a printed magazine. The magazine is the biggest Cardmaking one in the UK, and had no idea about it which makes it even better.
It is part of a feature written by Jenny Cocks about making your own blog, and mine this very same that you are reading now, it is featured as a prime example as well as listed as one of the ones to visit.
It is featured in the new issue of the magazine.


cathinka said...

Hello, Paula,
-just wanted to say " Congrats on the magazine appearance"- a nice surprise when my mag came today!!
Well done on all the posts about the punches, too, Thank you,

sparklygirl-Tina said...

Hi Paula

I saw this in my magazine yesterday - it must be so thrilling to be in print like that!! Jenny obviously admires your style - which we all do!

Take care


Momiji said...

thats wonderful ...will look out for it..
thanks for the great tutorials!

The Crafting Cook said...

Congrats Paula- love your blog & the inspirational ideas. Well done on your stamps also- love them!
Teresa x

Boo said...

How exciting - so pleased for you Paula. Love your blog. Easy to navigate, regularly updated and full of interesting and eye-catching designs.

Jenny said...

Thanks for your message on my blog Paula, and you're welcome! I love seeing your card designs, they are really different and I really like your style. I meant to let you know that I was including it in the article.

Jenny x

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