Tuesday 14 September 2010

The Joy of Rafa

First of all,

How great was Rafa?

I mean, by winning the US Open he is completed the career Grand Slam, something only seven tennis players have ever done. Plus he is got the Gold medal at the Olympics, 18 Masters Series and three Davis Cups. Not bad. At all. 

If you can, listen what he said after winning. Very inspiring to dedicate most of his speech to congratulate his opponent on hi good attitude after defeat. Novak was a true sportsman and so was Rafa. This is the type of behavior that every sportsman should show -at least in public. And yes, I stayed up until the match ended which was late even for my standards.

I realize that I am a repetitive person, I talk about the same things over and over, not only talking about Rafa's successes, but mostly I complain about the same things. Well, today I need to again mention that this last two weeks have been some of the busiest of the year. 
Yesterday I was so tired that I got up really late, even for my late morning standards. But I felt so much better and ready to tidy and do bits and pieces around the house that needed doing. Bits and bobs. The thing about them is that the eat your time and, before you know it, it is time to go to sleep and all those things that I needed to do regarding the blog and photos, well, they remain undone. 
However I managed to update certain pages of my main site which include a Circle Punch chart and a Square one -on the Tutorials and Video page- which tells what punch goes with which circle size and who manufactures that particular size punch. This charts have taken me a long time to make, I did them about three weeks ago but I couldn't put them up until I had tried the new stamps. I have check the charts several times for any mistakes but you know I am only human and do mistakes, so if anything is incorrect please forgive me and, if you are really nice and have got the time, let me know by email.

So, I hope that you still are there. And that you are understanding and patient. And Joyous.
And enjoy Rafa's victory and/or, at least enjoy this little card I made on the weekend while demonstrating.

Yes, Rafa you bring so much Joy.
Muchas Gracias por tu ejemplo y actitud,
Vamos Rafa!


crafty card fairy said...

Lovely card Paula and even more lovely Rafa. Congratulations. Yvonne x

Anonymous said...

Sharing your excitement at Rafas wonderful victory..wish I'd been there to see it "live"
I went to Harrogate last Saturday and bought your large Christmas stamps..love them Paula.
Love from Rafas fan Joan XXX

cathinka said...

Lovely card, and am waiting for your stamps to arrive in the post...and yes, am pleased for your joy at Rafa!
take care,

jill said...

Your punch/stamp charts are genius and just what I needed to help me decide what to buy.
Oh and yes, i too am thrilled that all of Rafa's hard work payed off!

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