Monday 20 September 2010

Joyful Bubbles tutorial 1

Today I am making a looong post, the first step by step tutorial of the Joyful Bubbles. I hope you enjoy it. Please note that this is just one possibility of what this stamp offers you. You can do so much more!

Stamp the J  Y using red ink. I used Crimson red VersaFine ink pad.

Stamp "to the world" just under the J Y in the Spanish Moss Versafine ink pad.

That is what you have got.

Stamp the circle flower bubble on a separate piece of card of white card. I used Spanish Moss Versafine ink pad.

Punch out using a 1" punch.

All the patterned bubbles are all the same size, just under 1" so they have a white edge around it. 

Attach the bubble in between the J Y using a foam pad. Alternatively  you can stamp directly the bubble on to the gap, I just prefer to do it in a separate piece of card because that way if I mess it up it is only a tiny piece of work that needs redoing.

Now, I have taken the little hanger to create the bubble look.

And this is what it looks like once it has the hanger on. It is optional, in most cases I would not do this step as when it comes down to Christmas cards I am pretty much on the Quick and Easy path.

I used one of Sizzix Tim Holtz Movers and Shapers die to cut the tag. Now, it is much easier with Sizzix dies to cut it before you stamp. However, I left the die on the direct sun for a very long time - a week maybe two while I was on holiday-. I am not sure if that was the cause or it was just a faulty die -which I doubt as Sizzix dies are always top notch- but the truth is that my die now comes off the base making it basically a clear die, perfect to position the stamped card and cut with precision. Now, that is a welcomed fault.

I stamped a dotty design from the Filled with Flowers set -I said it was a really useful one!- and then with a Copic I colored the self adhesive pearls, green for the sides crimson for the centre of the bubble.

And this is the finished card.

And also I would like to share Sara's blog. She makes such beautiful cards with very original colour combos and impeccable style that I am totally in awe of her!


Fiona said...

Another brilliant idea and beautiful card Paula.

Caroline said...

Ahhhh Paula, what a beautiful card - very stylish.

Lexxie said...

I absolutely love your card Paula. I love the different shapes you use in card making-I need to think outside the box a little bit more!
Thank you so much for your kind mention-I couldn't do it without your wonderful inspiration.
Sarita xx,

Victoria said...

I love these new christmas stamps Paula! It was through Sarita's blog that I found them! Your designs are just so elegant and stylish! Thanks for the inspiration!
Vicky ~x~

Momiji said...

thanks so much for the helpful for people like me who live too far away to attend your classes.
love this 'joy' card and the colours you used..

salem said...


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