Thursday 2 September 2010

Over the edge...

This card I did for last months issue of Cardmaking and Papercraft is still one of my favorites, and I did it about four months ago!

Love the bright colors and the green and pink inside.
The message is from Double Sayings and the border is a Dotty one.


cathinka said...

Hello, Paula, yes, it's nice when a card becomes pleasing, and a favourite; very satisfying.I still feel pleased with the card idea that I copied from you (masculine minimalist) a couple of months ago for my retired engineer friend! (He still has it on show, calling it a "'Paula P' blog card").

Am still fiddling with yesterday's card- yours look/are so professional, but I'm finding the placing and cutting of the cream inner bits difficult..but am not discouraged. Will let you know.

Fiona said...

Beautiful card Paula and gorgeous colours.

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