Saturday 4 September 2010

This is what my new stamps look like. Check the new packaging, in pink and green.
They are manufactured and distributed by the same company as my stamps before, but from now on the new ones all will have this packaging.


Lindsay Mason said...

They look great Paula...I'm jealous! I want snazzy packaging like yours too!!! No, they are just lovely, can't wait to use them myself. Love, Lindsay x x

Fiona said...

Great to have seen you too Paula, so pleased I didn't miss you after all! Can't wait to use my two new sets of your fab stamps. Hope you have a good day tomorrow.

Fiona x

SDCrafts said...

Gorgeous - definitely does the job so much better. Just bought the sentiments stamps from QVC and am very likely to want these!

Lindsay - I would think they'll adopt the colours across the line - yours included? Hope so.

SenoritaAndreita said...

Do you sell your products in the US? If so, which stores have them? All I can find is items sold on ebay thru the UK. I am new to all of this, but I love your blog.

Thanks, Andrea

Paula Pascual said...

Andrea, As far as I know, no shop in the USA sells them. I know the Glitter pot, a UK based shop online, ships internationally.
I will investigate further!
Thanks for the kind comments

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